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Making your visit to Pet’s Favorite Vet as fun as possible!

Making Your Appointment

The easiest way to schedule a routine or minor illness appointment with Pet’s Favorite vet is through our online booking option. If you have an emergency needing same-day booking or would just prefer to speak to a human, you can call or text 864-406-9877.

Pre-Visit Info
No matter how you booked, we should now have your and your pet’s vital information. We’ll call your previous vet to get records. Depending on where your pet had their last visit, they may require your authorization to release medical information. For wellness and holistic care consults, look out for a questionnaire coming to your email. It will help us know what you and your pet need most in your upcoming visit.
Day of the Visit – In-Person
We can’t wait to see you! Unless your pet has a medical problem that prevents it, try to not feed them for 3 hours prior to their visit. This will allow us to bribe them for love with treats. Feel free to bring their favorite treat with you, but we have lots at the clinic! Holding off food also prevents nausea from car sickness. Double win!

If you are coming to see us for a wellness visit or stomach issue, try to grab a fresh stool sample. It can chill in the fridge until your visit. Your pet will thank you.

If we happen to be checking urine, try to keep your pet from urinating before coming into the building. That way we can catch a sample.

Day of the Visit – Telemedicine
When it’s time for your visit, we will e-mail you a link to your secure video portal. Make sure that you have your pet around along with any pertinent medication bottles at the time of the appointment. And please, wear pants.
Visits in the Time of COVID-19
When you arrive, please stay in your vehicle with your pet. Text or call 864-406-9877 to let us know that you have arrived. Wearing a mask, we will ask you to bring your pet to the front door in a carrier or on a leash. We cannot accept pets that are not in carriers or on leashes.

For visits where you wait in your car, you will receive a link to a video visit where you can watch and talk with the staff and your pet for the entire visit.

For drop-offs, we can text back and forth throughout the day.

Estimates for services will be texted or e-mailed to you if requested.

Both drop off and visits where you stay will be able to text to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can be done by Pet’s Favorite Vet?
Pet’s Favorite Vet is able to provide many types of care:

Wellness Care – Well exams, vaccinations, parasite testing, parasite prevention, wellness lab work, and health certificates

Minor Problem Care – Skin and ear infections, minor stomach upset, urinary issues, and minor strains and sprains

Chronic Disease Management – Management of arthritis, seizures, allergies, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, Addison’s, thyroid dysfunction, and liver disease to name a few.

Palliative Care – Comfort care and euthanasia for pets battling terminal diagnoses

Holistic and Rehabilitative Care – Acupuncture, herbal treatments, vaccine titers, nutrition consults, including homemade and raw diets.

What services can Pet’s Favorite Vet NOT provide?

Pet’s Favorite Vet cannot perform x-rays or provide hospitalization. There is no overnight care and all pets must be picked up by 7 pm. We also are unable to provide bathing, boarding, or grooming.

Where should I go if Pet’s Favorite Vet is Closed?

We recommend seeking emergency services at Upstate Vet Emergency + Specialty Care. They are located at 393 Woods Lake Road Greenville, SC 29607, and can be reached at 864-233-7650. Their after-hours emergency care is open Monday – Thursday 6:00 pm – 8:00 am and Friday 6:00 pm – Monday 8:00 am

Do you offer Payment Plans?
YES! At Pet’s Favorite Vet we are proud to offer no-approval needed payment plans through our partner, Vitus Vet. Using the credit limit available on your existing Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card (debit cards and checks cannot be used for payment plans) you can choose to split your bill into equal monthly payments over a 3, 4, or 6 month period with 0% interest.
Can I get lab results on the same day?
For most tests, yes. Heartworm, intestinal parasite, parvo, and feline viral testing are all run in-house. We do run a few tests that have to be sent out and return results in 3-4 business days. We also have several times that we can give you an option. Test results can be available in 30 minutes for urgent situations and to quell curiosity, but the same test can be run less expensively with a 3-4 business day turnaround.
Can I get a written prescription?

Of course. At Pet’s Favorite Vet, we’ll never hassle you for wanting to use an outside pharmacy. If you want to take advantage of home delivery with the guarantees only available from a veterinarian’s office, check out our online pharmacy here.