Work, family, fun and love can all send you over seas with your beloved pet. Moving them across international borders can be greatly enriching for your new life abroad, but difficult to get together for the regulatory bodies.

At Pet’s Favorite Vet, Dr. Caroline is certified to write international health certificates for dogs and cats and will guide you, step by step, through the process.

The process begins with a video visit in which we lay out the time line and ensure we have all of the appropriate documents. Sometimes, you will need to contact your previous vet for an updated certificate or record. This visit is $40 and afterwards Dr. Caroline will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate for your pet’s paperwork. The total process can be from $200-600 depending on the country and the quality of records you have from previous vet visits.

You will still be responsible for mailing and providing return envelopes for paperwork that must go to the state vet or international offices.

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