Pet Daycare

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Pet Daycare in Boiling Springs, SC.

We’ll keep your pet entertained and happy at our pet day camp!

We offer two types of daycare, social and individual daycare. Social daycare includes traditional group play, whereas individual enrichment daycare is a modified version of our group play where an individual team member has one-on-one playtime sessions with your pet throughout the day in our smaller playroom and outdoor play yards. When suitable, we also offer food based enrichment activities.

We treat your pets like our own

To determine which type of daycare best fits your pet’s needs and personality, we require a daycare evaluation. The evaluation includes a full day of daycare and current pricing for our day camp can be found below.

Our primary concern is always the physical and emotional well-being of your pet. Our trained staff evaluates your pet’s body language and lets them tell us how they feel about meeting other dogs and people. Some dogs do very well in group play! However, there are plenty of dogs who would rather have one on one playtime. This is not a ‘pass/fail’ evaluation, we are evaluating your pet to help determine what their activity preferences are. If you’re interested in setting up an evaluation appointment, please fill out a scheduling request below!