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Daycare FAQs

What are evaluations?

Our primary concern is always the physical and emotional well-being of your pet. We are evaluating your pet’s body language and letting them tell us how they feel about meeting other dogs and people. Some dogs do very well in group play! However, there are plenty of dogs who would rather have one on one playtime. This is not a ‘pass/fail’ evaluation, we are evaluating your pet to help determine what their activity preferences are.

What to bring to the pet’s evaluation
  • A regular flat collar. No training collars, martingale collars, or prong collars. We want your pet to understand it’s playtime and not training time! If your pet has medical needs that do now allow the use of a collar, harness is acceptable too

  • 6 foot leash, no flexi or extension leads, please!

  • A hungry dog! Make sure that your pet has not eaten, on initial introduction our staff will offer treats to help with positive reinforcement. If your pet has dietary restrictions, we recommend bringing special treats for them for our staff to use. We always try to have many options available for picky eaters!

  • Walk your dog to help get excess energy out before their evaluation appointment. Even a few minutes of sniffing and exploring on a walk can help settle your dog.

What to expect
  • Plan to leave your pet with us for a few hours, or if you aren’t available for a mid-day appointment, plan to leave them with us for the day. 

  • We do mid-day evaluations for a few reasons:

    • Our main playroom is open which allows your pet to investigate the area while it is quiet and the playgroups are resting

    • Our meet-and-greet dogs for the day have already burned off any excess energy with morning play

    • We have multiple staff members available to assist with the introduction of your pet and also so your pet can meet as many of our team members as possible!

  • Some owners choose to stay for the evaluation but keep in mind that some dogs are protective of their parents or can be a little jealous of mom or dad paying attention to other dogs. We are happy to accommodate pet parents who wish to stay if at all possible!

  • Your dog will meet several dogs from our playgroups who are calm and love meeting new friends! We select our meet-and-greet dogs very carefully, and for initial introductions, both dogs will remain leashed for safety. 

Why do you charge for evaluations?

Evaluations for our playgroup dogs are an ongoing process, but our primary evaluation takes a lot of time and multiple team members. We have found that in order to best serve our patients, charging for appointments has reduced last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Don’t forget! Your evaluation fee will apply to the purchase of any package on the day of your evaluation. 

  • Our puppy playgroup is still under development, so at this time we do require all of our applicants to be at least 6 months old
  • All pets for group play must be spayed or neutered. However, if your pet is not spayed or neutered they may be well suited for our one-on-one enrichment program and will still be allowed for boarding!
  • We do not have any breed restrictions, and instead evaluate each individual dog’s personality and preferences to find out what activities may suit them best!
What are your typical group play groups?
  • We have two primary group playgroups at this time:
    • High-energy/large dog groups – these dogs are more rambunctious and love to play high-energy games!
    • Low energy/small dog group – these dogs still love to play, but are not as rough and tumble as our other group.
  • Groups currently in development (these groups are coming soon! So even if we find your pet doesn’t fit in our existing playgroups right now, we can reach out once our new groups are ready to go!):
    • Puppy group – designed for puppies who are fully vaccinated (at least 16 weeks old) up to 6 months old. We allow extra rest times and frequent potty breaks to help with house training. This is a great way to help get your puppy used to daycare or boarding for the future!
    • Senior group – allows low-impact group play, frequent potty breaks, and frequent rest times to suit our beloved senior dogs! This can help keep your senior dog active, and is a great options for social dogs who may have some issues making it through the whole day of mom or dad’s work without a potty accident.
What if you don’t have a current play group my dog fits into or they don’t like other dogs?

Don’t worry! Just like people all dogs are different and some dogs are not as social as others. These dogs are still great pets and deserve to have time and attention at daycare too! We offer alternative daycare options for these pets

Non-social Enrichment Daycare: This is a modified version of our group play where an individual team member has one-on-one playtime with your pet throughout the day in our smaller playroom. When suitable, we also offer enrichment puzzles. As part of our evaluation process, we work with your dog to find out what program best fits their needs and personality!

Are all dogs accepted to your program?

Unfortunately, no. However, if your pet is not accepted into our daycare program, they may still be eligible for boarding! 

There are some pets who are not well suited for daycare. Some people believe if we have a dog not well suited for our program they are ‘bad’ or ‘aggressive’ but this is simply not the case! Just like people, dogs have many different personalities and some dogs would rather be at home or resting than out at daycare. We allow your dog’s behavior to tell us what their preferences are, and one of the more common reasons a pet is not a good fit for daycare is that they are fearful or insecure in the situation. These pets are best suited for a confidence-building program with a trainer who uses positive reinforcement training. If your pet fits into this category we will offer a referral to a different facility if we know one that better fits their needs! Unfortunately, we are not partnered with a trainer at this time. 

Boarding FAQs

What are your vaccination requirements?

For our Canine Guests 

We require a current Rabies, DAPP, and Bordetella vaccination. We also require proof of a negative fecal screening for intestinal parasites within the last 12 months. 

In addition to our requirements, we highly recommend all of our canine guests remain up to date on the bivalent canine influenza vaccine and leptospirosis vaccines. As always, your pet should remain up to date on flea and heartworm prevention as recommended by your veterinarian. 

For our Feline Guests

We require a current Rabies and FVRCP vaccination.

In addition to our requirements, we highly recommend all of our feline guests remain up to date on the feline leukemia vaccine and regular fecal screenings for intestinal parasites. As always, your pet should remain up to date on flea and heartworm prevention as recommended by your veterinarian. 

How does your facility prevent fleas?

As always, your pet should remain up to date on flea and heartworm prevention as recommended by your veterinarian. However, proof of purchase of these products is not proof of proper use. In order to best protect our guests, ALL of our guests are checked on admission for evidence of fleas and our facility is regularly treated for external parasites. 

If fleas are found, they are immediately treated with Capstar (nitenpyram) which lasts for 48 hours. Your pet will then receive a seresto collar which kills fleas and ticks, and lasts for up to 8 months. 

If your pet is found to have fleas at admission and you prefer your pet receive a different flea treatment than our Seresto collar, you must take your pet to your regular veterinarian and return with a note stating their fleas were treated with an FDA approved product.  All products administered at our facility must be FDA approved to kill and prevent adult fleas for the length of your pet’s visit and prescribed to the pet you wish to have treated. We cannot use compounded medicines, over the counter treatments purchased outside of our facility, or medication prescribed to another animal.

Those preferring to use other over the counter flea and tick medication should apply the product and ensure it is working and effective prior to drop off. 

Why FDA Approved? The FDA and EPA are working together to change the oversight of flea and tick products to better protect pets and their owners. Learn more here: EPA’s Regulation of Flea and Tick Products | US EPA

How often will I receive updates on my pet during their stay?

We ask you leave a number or email to receive daily updates on your pet via email or text. We make every effort to include photos when possible too! You will receive a daily update to let you know how your pet is doing! We also ask you leave a number we can contact you via phone if we have any questions regarding your pet’s care, or in the rare instance they do not feel well or experience a medical emergency while in our care. It is very important to us to remain transparent and keep in touch with all of our pet owners!

If you prefer not to receive daily updates, we are happy to accommodate your preferences! Please simply let our team know at admission!

Is Day Camp included for all pets?

Absolutely! For all eligible pets a half day of our day camp is included. Who is eligible? In short, anyone who has gone through an evaluation! If your pet has not received an evaluation, we are able to accommodate them during their stay based on availability. If you pet does not enjoy group play, they will instead have individual day camp or a customized enrichment session. We always tailor the experience to fit your pet’s preferences!

What should I bring with my pet?

In order to keep your pet comfortable and prevent digestive upset, we recommend bringing your pet’s normal diet and any required medications and supplements. If you forget their diet or if they run out of their normal diet we do carry Purina canned and dry food at our facility for our guests when needed. Please bring all medications and supplements your pet will need for their stay in their original containers. WE CANNOT ACCEPT MEDICATIONS INTO OUR FACILITY THAT ARE NOT BROUGHT IN THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

You are welcome to bring any bedding and comfort items from home for your pet. However, we do not recommend bringing beds, or anything that would be damaged if it is washed. We maintain a strict regimen of cleaning and sanitation, so any bedding or toys which become soiled will be immediately washed. Furthermore any toys which may pose a choking risk such as rawhide, chews, small toys, damaged toys, or easily chewed toys will not be allowed with your pet outside of their supervised enrichment times. We have lots of comfortable bedding so if you prefer not to bring any bedding or comfort items, we will have plenty to provide for them!

What happens if my pet needs medical care?

We all know, emergencies happen. In the rare case your pet experiences an illness or emergency in our care, you can rest assured that we will be in contact with you or your pet’s emergency contact right away! The care and safety of our guests is our top priority! For any minor injuries or urgent care needs that occur during business hours, your pet will be transported to Pet’s Favorite Vet for immediate care. For emergencies outside the veterinary clinic’s buseinss hours, there are several 24 hour emergency medical centers in the Greenville area that a senior staff memeber will accompany your pet to. Part of our admission paperwork includes permissions to provide any needed basic first aid and emergency care. If your pet has special needs, or you have a preferred medical facility, please let us know so we can make every effort to accomodate your preferences.