Thank you for choosing Pet’s Favorite Play Place.

We have many different types of accommodations to best fit your pet’s needs.

Each room accommodation includes all needed bedding, food bowls, water bowls, litterboxes and litter for cats, and comfortable loft beds for dogs. We recommend bringing your pet’s own food to avoid any tummy upset, but we do have high-quality dry food available if you forget to bring their normal diet.

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Boarding information

For our Dog Guests

We have multiple options available to help keep your pet’s visit comfortable and stress-free! With options to have pets in the same household stay together, but still be separated at meal times our Suites are a popular choice! Have a dog who just loves some extra room? Suites have no minimum size or weight restrictions so any size dog can enjoy the larger space! 

Don’t forget that all of our boarding guests either participate in a half day of social or non-social day camp, depending on their preferred activity! All of our guests spend their vacation getting plenty of play time while still allowing for relaxation whenever desired!

Current Room Rates, per night

All listed rates are for single occupancy, each additional dog boarding in the same room or suite adds $30 per night

Queen Room: $60

Executive Suite: $120

King Room: $70

Presidential Suite: $140

*Please note, if you have more than one pet in any room and they cannot be fed together, you must select either the Executive or Presidential Suites to allow for separation at meal times. Each dog will need their own room for meal times.

Queen Room – Our queen room is a comfortable 16 square foot run suitable for one or two guests weighing a combined maximum of 50 lbs

Executive Suite – Our Executive suite combines two of our Queen rooms to create a larger 32 square foot suite that can accommodate one or more guests weighing a combined maximum of 100 lbs

King Room – Our King Room is a large 24 square foot run suitable for one or more guests weighing a combined maximum of 80 lbs.

Presidential Suite – Our largest available dog accommodation, this 48 square foot run combines two of our King Rooms to create a large space for relaxing, sleep, and fun! This suite is popular with guests who just like some extra room for activities, or for housemates who like to stay together. This suite can accommodate multiple guests with a combined maximum weight of 160 lbs.

For our Cat Guests

In our specialized cat wing, we carefully thought out our feline friend’s preferences. Our cat wing is acoustically separated from the dogs, utilizes calming pheromones such as Feliway, has large windows for visual enrichment, and plays quiet calming music to help create a comfortable environment. We have both single and adjoining condos available. Each guest must have their own condo to allow for separate meal times, but members of the same household can stay together outside of meal times if desired.

Each guest who wishes to participate in free time has a minimum of 30 minutes allowed outside of their condo every day in our cat room to stretch their legs, play, and get some extra attention.

Current Room Rates, per night

Queen Kitty Condo: $35

King Kitty Condo: $70

Executive Kitty Condo: $130

Presidential Kitty Condo: $190

Queen Kitty Condo – Suited for one guest for shorter stays, our standard condo includes all the luxury of our kitty accommodations in a smaller size.

King Kitty Condo – This popular configuration combines two of our Queen Condos and is well suited for longer stays or cats who need a little extra room to stretch their legs.

Executive Kitty Condo – This arrangement combines four of our Queen Condos and is well suited for multi-cat households where all cats get along, or for high-energy kitties who need lots of room to move around during the day. This configuration can accommodate up to 3 kitty guests.

Presidential Kitty Condo – This is our largest available cat accommodation. It combines 6 of our Queen Condos and can accommodate up to 4 housemates if all kitties get along well. Kittens and young adult cats also do well with this configuration, as the extra space allows ample room for playtime throughout the day!

Daycare information


Initial Evaluation (includes a full day of daycare): $35
Full Day of Daycare (pickup by 6pm): $35
Half Day of Daycare (pickup by noon): $25
10 pack of full day passes: $315
10 pack of half day passes: $225
Mon-Fri Monthly Pass (full day): $625 
Mon-Fri Monthly Pass (half day): $445
*please note all pass packs must be used within 12 months of purchase

We offer two primary types of daycare at this time, social and non-social daycare. Social daycare includes traditional group play, whereas non-social enrichment daycare is a modified version of our group play where an individual team member has one-on-one playtime sessions with your pet throughout the day in our smaller playroom. When suitable, we also offer enrichment puzzles. 

To determine which type of daycare best fits your pet’s needs and personality, we require a daycare evaluation. The evaluation includes a full day of daycare and is $35. We are running an opening promotion that discounts our evaluation to just $25! Our primary concern is always the physical and emotional well-being of your pet. We are evaluating your pet’s body language and letting them tell us how they feel about meeting other dogs and people. Some dogs do very well in group play! However, there are plenty of dogs who would rather have one on one playtime. This is not a ‘pass/fail’ evaluation, we are evaluating your pet to help determine what their activity preferences are. If you’re interested in setting up an evaluation appointment, please let me know! We are currently booking 1-2 evaluations per day.


Initial Evaluation (includes a full day of daycare): $30
Full Day of Daycare (pickup by 6pm): $30
Half Day of Daycare (pickup by noon): $20
10 pack of full day passes*: $270
10 pack of half day passes*: $180
*please note all pass packs must be used within 12 months of purchase

Our Kitty Daycare is designed with feline preferences in mind! Our feline friends often can experience stress when exposed to other cats, so we offer only solitary daycare, or daycare with other kitty housemates. Our Kitty Daycare features rest and relaxation times in one of our kitty condos, a minimum of two one on one playtime sessions with a team member, extra free time in our feline room, and when suitable, we also offer enrichment puzzles.

DIY Dog wash information


Our DIY dog wash includes access to our bathing tables with adjustable water temperature, shampoo, conditioner, towels, and cologne spray. We do not use high velocity dryers, as many dogs are sensitive to the noise.

Single Wash: $15
5 pack of DIY Wash passes: $65
10 pack of DIY Wash passes: $120
*please note all pass packs must be used within 12 months of purchase

Our DIY Dog wash will be available 1pm – 5:30pm Monday – Friday and from 8am – 11:30am on Saturday and Sunday.