The three-year rabies vaccines allow you to decrease the number of injections your pet receives over a lifetime while still keeping them safe and legal. The three-year vaccine requires that a pet has had a one-year vaccination prior to it. For pets that have been in their homes since they were puppies or kittens, we can often move to a three-year vaccination just after their first birthday.

Cat owners, however, should consider a recombinant rabies vaccine. It is the default for cats at Pet’s Favorite Vet. Learn more about ​recombinant rabies vaccines here​.

Don’t let the three-year vaccine keep you from annual check-ups, though! It’s still important to check your pet’s heart, weight, teeth, and parasite status every year. It’s well known now that pets age seven years to our one. Getting the checked every (human) year lets us make sure they are staying in tip-top shape.

Book your three-year rabies vaccination and annual exam here​.

We require written proof of prior rabies vaccination to administer a three-year rabies vaccine. A rabies certificate, medical record, or receipt is sufficient. Unfortunately, a rabies tag is not.