Veterinary care from the comfort of your home!

Pet’s Favorite Vet is excited to offer telemedicine

We now offer telemedicine to help you when you aren’t sure if you need to get to the vet or aren’t able. Telemedicine is the use of anything other than face to face interaction to provide medical care. We can only offer telemedicine to those pets we have seen in person in the last 365 days. Even if we have met the human and another pet, we cannot use telemedicine for a dog or cat that we haven’t gotten to give some good kisses and snuggles to yet!

Pet’s Favorite Vet offers two kinds of telemedicine: video and text.


Video telemedicine occurs in a specific appointment slot, much like an in-person visit. Existing patients can have their human request a visit through our regular appointment request (at the top and bottom of the page). Throughout the video visit, suppose the veterinarian determines that an in-person examination or diagnostics (i.e., listening to their heart, taking their temperature, or running a blood test) is required. In that case, there will be no additional examination or office visit fee to be seen at Pet’s Favorite Vet in the next seven days.

Should your pet need to go to another facility, such as a referral hospital or emergency clinic, there is no change in pricing.

What kinds of visits work best over video:

  • Some skin problems
  • Mild limping (able to put at least 50% weight on the leg)
  • Physical therapy follow-up
  • Wound follow-up
  • Behavioral issues
  • Nutrition consults
  • Quality-of-life consults

Free with Wellness Plans

Sometimes, you have a question for your vet, but no time to sit down and talk about it. In that case, you can have a text telemedicine consult with the vet. While the fantastic client care staff at Pet’s Favorite Vet is always happy to book appointments, refill medications and provide general customer service over text and e-mail, text telemedicine allows you to send pictures and questions to the veterinarian for solid advice outside of whatever Dr. Google has to say.

By e-mailing your initial question and any pictures or videos needed, you’ll receive an e-mail or text response to the number indicated within one business day of receiving payment. By the way, text telemedicine is FREE to all wellness plan members.

What kind of visits work best over text:

  • Is this behavior normal?
  • Questions about training
  • Questions about medication administration
  • Questions about safe food, toys, and treats
  • Fact-checking that thing your aunt’s boyfriend’s groomer’s cousin said coconut oil could do.