Dr. Caroline is certified to fill out international, Hawaiian and interstate health certificates. We start the process of international and Hawaiian health certificates with a consult to gather information, create a timeline, and provide you with an estimate for the cost. While some countries can have their requirements met relatively easily, others require in-depth paperwork, overnighted ink signatures, and multiple vet visits for anti-parasitc treatment as well as running down old records. At the initial consult, which may be online or in person, we will figure out exactly what is needed. The minimum cost for a signed and endorsed certificate is $200 per pet. You can start researching what you need for your pet on the APHIS website: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to complete all that is needed for your pet to return to the US with you during the export certificate process. *All that is needed to enter Canada with up to 2 dogs is an up-to-date rabies certificate.

Please fill out the form below. When you click “Submit” you will be directed to the booking page for your initial consultation. It is OK to book now, even if you do not have all of the information, however, all of this information will be needed prior to filling out the certificate.
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Please complete a separate form for each separate pet. You will only need to do one consult if they are traveling to the same place.